For General Questions Email:

General Festival Questions -
Warren Koch, Festival Chair

Uploading Questions and Issues -
J-D Boyle


Audio Competition

John McGuire | Festival Chair Faculty Audio Competition

Michael Huntsberger | Festival Chair Student Audio Competition


Documentary Competition

Jes Therkelsen | Student Documentary Festival Chair

Julie Williamsen, Faculty Competition


Interactive Media and Emerging Technologies Competition

Heather Starr Fiedler| Student Competition Co-Chair

Lakshmi Tirumala| Student Competition Co-Chair

Sandy Henry | Faculty Festival Co-Chair

Angele Anderfuren | Faculty Festival Co-Chair


News Competition

Sara Magee | Vice Chair, Festival | Student Feature News

Brent M. Foster | Student Hard News Chair<

Mary Rogus | Student Newscast Chair (3 days/less)<

Bob Gould | Student Newscast Chair (4/5 days)

Jay Dunmore | Student Talent Chair

Michael Riecke | Student Radio News Chair

Trina T. Creighton | Faculty News Chair

Scriptwriting Competition

Marie Elliott, Student Competition Co-Chair

Antonio Zarro, Student Competition Co-Chair

Michael Whalen, Chair, Faculty Competition

Sports Competition

Bobby Chastain | Student Festival Chair

Joe Moore | Student Festival Chair

Denise Belafonte-Young | Faculty Festival Chair


Two-Year/Small Colleges Competition

Tom MacDonnell Co-Chair

Jim Crandall, Co-Chair


Video Competition

Stephen Price, Student Competition

Amy Crawford, Student Competition

Tony Demars, Faculty Competition