Faculty Interactive Multimedia Competition

The BEA Interactive Multimedia’s Festival of Media Arts Competition showcases interactive and cutting-edge creative projects from the past year.   Faculty and students are invited to participate and entries are reviewed by both peers and professionals.  Projects are accepted from November 15 – December 15, 2012 in the following categories.

Faculty Interactive Multimedia Competition:
  • FM1 - Educational: Departmental or college websites related to BEA-affiliated academic disciplines, course websites, and instructional tutorials used in courses. This category is limited to projects that further the educational mission of the BEA.
  • FM2 - Documentary/Promotional/Informational: Documentary and journalistic productions, websites for organizations and institutions not included in the “Educational” category. Interactive promotional or advertising projects.  This category is open to a wide range of documentary, informational, and promotional projects not focused on the educational mission of the BEA.
  • FM3 - Entertainment & Emerging Technologies: Games, DVD interfaces, mobile applications, other interactive projects. This category is open to a wide range of projects that are focused on entertainment including serious gaming, projects that target alternative delivery systems such as mobile phones, or projects that employ emerging technologies in significant ways.
  • FM4 - Solo: Any type of interactive production created without the support of other production personnel.
Please read the Faculty Competition Rules to verify that your entry meets all eligibility requirements for submission.