Faculty Documentary Competition

The Faculty Documentary Competition showcases both long-form and short-form documentaries produced by faculty in the last two years.   Entry submissions will be accepted from November 15 – December 15, 2012  and winners will be showcased at BEA’s annual convention in Las Vegas. 

Faculty Documentary Categories:
FD1 - Short Form Video or Film Documentary (under 40:00)
FD2 - Long Form Video or Film Documentary (40:00 and longer)
Special Submission Requirements For Documentary:
  • Promotional videos are not allowed.  Therefore, a sponsor/funding source of a submitted documentary cannot also be its subject (e.g. a historical documentary about your school cannot be funded by your school).  This includes ‘in-kind’ support beyond what is normally offered in producing outside documentaries.  Promotional videos are entered under the Faculty Video.
  • To be eligible, the ENTIRE piece must be submitted for review. No partial submissions are allowed.”
  • The Competition Chair has the right to either reject or re-assigned an entry that does not meet these guidelines.
Please read the Faculty Competition Rules to verify that your entry meets all eligibility requirements for submission.