BEA On-Location Creative Competition

Specific awards (Award of Excellence or Best in Show) will be announced live during the 2021 On-Location Creative Competition Virtual Awards Thursday, October 7th 2:00 – 2:30 p.m  (PDT)


2021 Faculty Finalists

 Faculty Audio Competition

Artist Spotlight: Louis Armstrong — Dutch Hoggatt, Harding University

For Changemakers, By Changemakers — Michael Riecke, SUNY – Oswego

Increase the Peace — David Shabazz, Kentucky State University

SFA Summer Classes — Casey Hart, Stephen F. Austin State University

Faculty Documentary Competition

A Two-Front War — Shawn Kildea, Rider University

Rockin’ Baker — Ringo Jones, University of Arkansas Fayetteville

Added Years — David Garcia, Baylor University

Tennessee Triumph: Making a Monument — Karen Bullis, Austin Peay State University

Faculty Film & Video Competition

Eyes of the Storm — Chandra Clark & Scott Hodgson, University of Alabama & University of Oklahoma

Time, Place & Manner Restrictions — Kevin Qualls, Murray State University

TCU KinderFrogs 2020 — Dustin Hahn, Texas Christian University

Safe 2 Help — Scott Hodgson, University of Oklahoma

Baptized in the Flames — Ringo Jones, University of Arkansas Fayetteville

The Secret Life of an Alien Teenager — Dean Cummings, Georgia Southern University

Faculty Mobile / Interactive Multimedia Competition

From Suarez’s Basement – Video Podcast — Francisco Suarez, SUNY – Oswego

Iron and Yarn — Mike Castellucci, Michigan State University

Pin Up! The Movie: An Interactive Documentary — Kathleen Ryan, University of Colorado Boulder

Faculty News Competition

An Immigrant’s Experience of the ‘Remain in Mexico’ Asylum Policy President Biden Is Ending — Alexander Luchsinger, Elon University

Mother’s Day — Mike Castellucci, Michigan State University

Secrets of Life — Mike Castellucci, Michigan State University

The Marx Brothers & the Story of Freedonia Marxonia — Mike Igoe, SUNY – Fredonia

Faculty Photojournalism Competition

Mango House — Ross Taylor, University of Colorado Boulder

Vietnam Motorbike Culture — Greg Luft, Colorado State University

The Aftermath — Ross Taylor, University of Colorado Boulder

 Faculty Sports Competition

MTSU-Marshall Feature — Chris Bacon, Middle Tennessee State University


 2021 Student Finalists

Student Audio Competition

The Road to Freedom Avenue: The Legacy of Harry T. and Harriette V. Moore — Lillian Hernández Caraballo and Julianne Amaya, University of Central Florida

D&D — Jade Thomas, University of Arkansas

Racism Within Football — Conor O’Grady, Nottingham Trent University

The Colescott Quest of Discovering Himself — Bassel Hanna, American University in Cairo

The Lights – Front and Center — Lyric Hill, Kentucky State University

The Musical Magic and Scorched Legacy of Cairo’s Khedivial Royal Opera House — Maya Aboelnasr, American University in Cairo

Metri Lyons A Performer at Heart — Ethan Foster, Mississippi State University

Primetime w/Parker Primrose — Parker Primrose, University of Oklahoma

Student Documentary Competition

Syracuse Senior Confronts Inherited Trauma Through Painting — Patrick Linehan, Syracuse University

Race, Recognition and Reconciliation — Luke Harvin, Furman University

Downright Discrimination – A Life Worth Living — Anna Wilkinson, Nottingham Trent University

Student Film & Video Competition 

My Love for Books — Ben Bosler, University of Arkansas

The Dime — Alex Semikopenko, University of Oklahoma

I’ll Be Gone — Maggie Bossalini, Sara Bouwman, and Reese Karras, Elon University

Black Lives Still Matter — Emmanuel Tobe, Peter Fortunato, and Jack Learner, Elon University

To Go Bros — Eliza Polich, Furman University

Student Interactive Multimedia Competition

Visualizing 81 — Sonny Cirasuolo, Lawry Boyer, Kevin Camelo, Molly Gibbs and Amanda Paule, Syracuse University

Deconstructing the Divide — Deconstructing the Divide Staff, Syracuse University

Hmmgry? — Tkeya Davy, Elon University

Student News Competition

OU Nightly — Will Blessing & Curt Watson, University of Oklahoma

Focal Point 3-19 Newscast — Julian Stainback, Sam Britten, Joe Freihofer, Emily Towns, Michigan State University

Focal Point Evergreen Newscast — Julian Stainback, Joe Freihofer, Sam Britten, Emily Towns, Collin Membiela, Jessie Cohen, Ally Smith, Rahmya Trewern, Isabella Martin, Michigan State University

The Disunited Kingdom – Will Wales Want Independence? — Lewis Jones, Nottingham Trent University

Letters of Love — Joe Freihofer, Michigan State University

On Seeking Plein-Air — Daniel O’Neil, Colorado State University

Truman Scholarship Finalist — Flora Dedeaux, Mississippi State University

Mustard Mags and the Weinermobile — Flora Dedeaux, Mississippi State University

It Feels Like a Normal Semester Again — Sam Britten, Michigan State University

Student Photojournalism Competition

For the Win — TJ Shaw and Laura Oliverio, Syracuse University

Stepping Up for Justice — Renée Deemer and Laura Oliverio, Syracuse University

Our Poisoned Kids — Jessica Ruiz and Laura Oliverio, Syracuse University

Student Sports Competition 

Sooner Sports Pad — Will Blessing & Marissa Marcotte, University of Oklahoma

The Amateur Professional — Peter Fortunato, Jack Lerner, and Emmanuel Tobe, Elon University

GamedayU Basketball — Jared Thomas, Dylan Rivera & Kolton Cooper,  University of Oklahoma