BEA2020 | April 18-21, 2020 | Las Vegas Westgate

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General Information

Q. When is #BEAvegas’s Annual Convention held? BEA will hold its 65th Annual Convention Sessions & Exhibition this year in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 18 – 21, 2020 at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort. The resort ideally lies adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center and in addition, offers the convenience of a Las Vegas Monorail stop right outside the front door.

Q. What do I need to do before the convention? NAB Housing will assist you with accommodations for the convention.  Housing has secured specially-negotiated hotel rates for our attendees and is ready to assist you with making your reservations.  Make your reservations directly online today at 2020 NAB Show Housing or by phone at 1-888-622-8830 or by email to  Take advantage of the substantial discounts and register early! Convention program participants (Moderators, respondents, panelist, presenters, etc…) need to register by February 24, 2020 to guarantee inclusion in the printed convention program.

Q. Can my spouse accompany me at the convention? Yes!  Registered spouses are welcome to all #BEAvegas sessions and other special events.  Spouses cannot be involved in the industry, and must be accompanied by full conference registration and includes the same access.

Q. Where can I find more information regarding a specific panel, paper Competition, poster session, district meeting, interest division meeting, or festival ceremony? The convention program is available online and can be viewed on the #BEAvegas Convention webpage.  Sessions, panels, competitions, meetings and ceremonies can be searched by title, presenter name, keyword, or by BEA interest division.  You may also view the abstracts for sessions and papers.

Q. How can I get a copy of the 2020 Annual Convention program? All registered attendees may pick-up a program along with other materials onsite at the BEA registration area located in the Westgate Las Vegas Resort starting Saturday, April 18, 2020.

Convention Registration

Q. What comes with my BEA 2020 Registration? Access to all the #BEAvegas 64th Annual Convention Sessions & Exhibition along with other special events. Access to Add-On/Ticketed Items are not included.  Registration also includes access to 2020 NAB Show (Education Conferences, Plus Super Sessions, the Opening Keynote and State of the Industry Address, Info Sessions, Content Theater and Exhibits) and does NOT include access to sessions in Post|Production World, P|PW Certification Prep Classes, Field Workshops, or Ticketed Events. NAB meal events such as breakfasts and lunches are not included.  Registration also includes the Career Fair / Graduate School Showcase that will take place on April 21, 2020.

Q. How much does it cost to register for the #BEAvegas Annual Convention?


You can no longer renew or join BEA membership during the convention registration process. Be sure to renew your BEA membership by accessing your membership record before getting started with the conference registration.  Once you renew or join you can automatically register for the convention.

“EARLY-BIRD” INDIVIDUAL MEMBER RATE $195  Early-Bird deadline is March 9, 2020
PRE-SHOW INDIVIDUAL MEMBER RATE $235 – Available from March 10 – April 17, 2020
ON-SITE INDIVIDUAL MEMBER RATE $285 – Starting April 18, 2020

“EARLY-BIRD” NON-MEMBER RATE $390   Early-Bird deadline is March 9, 2020
PRE-SHOW NON-MEMBER RATE $415 – Available from March 10 – April 17, 2020
ON-SITE NON-MEMBER RATE $450 – Starting April 18, 2020

“EARLY-BIRD” STUDENT MEMBER RATE $85   Early-Bird deadline is March 9, 2020
PRE-SHOW STUDENT MEMBER RATE $95 – Available from March 10 – April 17, 2020
ON-SITE STUDENT MEMBER RATE $115 – Starting April 18, 2020

“EARLY-BIRD” STUDENT NON-MEMBER RATE $155   Early-Bird deadline is March 9, 2020
PRE-SHOW STUDENT NON- MEMBER RATE $175 – Available from March 10 – April 17, 2020
ON-SITE STUDENT NON-MEMBER RATE $195 – Starting April 18, 2020

“EARLY-BIRD” EMERITUS MEMBER RATE $85   Early-Bird deadline is March 9, 2020
PRE-SHOW EMERITUS MEMBER RATE $95 – Available from March 10 – April 17, 2020
ON-SITE EMERITUS MEMBER RATE $115 – Starting April 18, 2020
Emeritus member rate is for retired faculty over 65 years of age

Add-On/Ticketed Item:

4/18 –  Research Symposium – Political Communication, Culture and Society
Early-Bird rate $20, Pre-Show rate $25 and On-Site rate $30

4/20 – 17th Annual Best of Festival King Foundation Awards Ceremony – $5 (You can purchase more than one ticket)
Early-Bird rate $5 and On-site rate $10

4/21 – BEA Assessment Boot Camp
Early-Bird rate $20, Pre-Show rate $25 and On-Site rate $30

Q. Do I have to be a BEA member to attend the convention? No, you do not have to become a member of BEA to attend the convention however we hope you decide that a BEA individual membership is valuable to you.  BEA is the professional association for professors, industry professionals and students who are interested in teaching and research related to electronic media and multimedia enterprises and members of BEA pay considerably less to attend the convention than non-members.  You can renew/join BEA individual membership and register for the annual convention all at once.  Please visit the BEA Membership webpage for detailed information.

Q. My school/college/institution has a department membership.  Do I qualify to register for the convention at the discounted member rate? No, rates for convention are based on individual membership.  As per BEA Board policy, only current BEA individual members receive the discounted member rate, not faculty of a BEA institutional member.  Institutional department membership is not related to individuals or individual membership.  Please visit the BEA Membership for more information.

Q. I am a Student Member.  Do I still have to register for the convention? Yes, BEA’s annual convention continues to provide the most valuable exchange of research, networking and technology around.  Student members must register themselves for the convention by registering online or returning a completed registration form via mail or fax.

Q. How do I register for the convention? You can call 1-888-740-4622, Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET, fax 1-888-772-1888 or mail your completed registration form directly to Experient, 5202 Presidents Ct, G100, Frederick, MD 21803.  Payment in full is required to process registrations. We regret that we are unable to accommodate requests for purchase orders. We welcome payments in the form of checks payable to Broadcast Education Association, American Express, MasterCard and Visa. Please photocopy the registration form to register additional attendees (one form per attendee).

Confirmation: Once your registration is complete, you will immediately receive an electronic confirmation of your registration from Event Customer Service email:  (Don’t forget to add us to your safe senders list!) If you mailed or faxed in your registration form and have not received a confirmation within 10 business days, please contact the Experient Member Service Center at 1-888-740-4622 Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET.

Credentials: Will not be mailed and MUST be picked-up at On-site Registration.  Please be sure to bring a copy of your registration confirmation with a valid photo ID.   You can pick up your badge, program and other materials onsite at the BEA registration area located in the Westgate Las Vegas Resort– Pavilion Lobby starting Saturday, April 18,2020.

Q. How do I register for the convention if my university/company pays by check? You and/or each person in the group will need to print out and complete the pre-registration form and submit a request to your university/company.  Checks must be made payable to Broadcast Education Association. Please be sure to mail the check and registration form(s) together directly to Experient, 5202 Presidents Ct, G100, Frederick, MD 21803.  If you have questions or need further assistance regarding your registration please contact Experient Member Service Center at 1-888-740-4622 Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET.

Q. What if my university/company needs a completed W-9 Form? Contact BEA directly at 202-602-0587 or in order to receive a completed W-9 form.

Q. I want to attend the Career Fair / Graduate School Showcase.  Do I still need to register for the convention? To enter the sessions and job fair on Tuesdat, April 21, 2020 you must register for the #BEAvegas 65th Annual Convention Sessions & Exhibition.  These are benefits that are included in the convention registration.

Q. What is your refund policy? To receive a refund, cancellation must be received in writing to Broadcast Education Association by March 1, 2020.  No refunds will be given after this date.  A $75 handling fee will apply.  You can send your refund request to BEA, 1771 N Street, NW, Washington, DC  20036 or  BEA reserves the right to cancel any programs and assume no responsibility for personal expenses.


Q. I am presenting a paper and/or participating in a panel at the convention, do I still have to register to attend the convention? Yes, all designated presenters, panelist, chairs and respondents must register for the #BEAvegas 64th Annual Convention Sessions & Exhibition by February 24, 2020 to guarantee inclusion in the printed convention program.  For multiple-authored papers, a minimum of one author, must register by February 24, 2020 or the paper may be removed.

Q.  I am presenting my first paper.  Do you have any advice? The BEA leadership and home office have placed increasing importance on strengthening the quality of conference presentations and enhancing participant engagement.  Prepare a presentation that follows all of the rules of good speech making.  Be sure you have planned on an introduction and conclusion.  Organize the body of your talk and provide internal organizing mechanisms so people can easily follow along.  Do not speak beyond the allotted time and do not read your paper or outline – speak extemporaneously.  Summarize your study or report, but do so briefly.  In this instance, less is clearly more!

  • Should I bring multiple copies of my paper?

Presenters will often bring extra copies of their paper to give to those who request them at the presentation.  If you do not bring extra copies, or run out of copies, it is acceptable to send someone a copy via mail or through e-mail.

Q.  How can I best secure copies of others’ paper? If you are attending a panel and would like a copy of a paper, ask the presenter directly.

  • I am doing a Scholar to Scholar presentation.  How can I make my presentation most effective?

Scholar to Scholar presentations create a unique opportunity for questions and exchanges not available in more formal sessions.  Presenters should take advantage of the opportunity to have an exchange with those who choose to come to the session.  For the first time, the Scholar to Scholar session will take place on one side of the exhibit hall.  Additional details will come later – but we’re going to ask poster presenters to bring presentations on flash drives that can be plugged in to large monitors (they can be static or in power point form).

At the Convention

Q. What Should I wear? In addition to your professional materials, you might want to know that the dress at the convention is business casual for presenters.  If you are not presenting, you can be more casual. Wear comfortable shoes!  Depending on your evening plans, you might want to pack jeans or a more formal outfit.  Don’t forget your name badge!  Also, be sure to check the weather forecast in Las Vegas online before you leave.

Q. Should I attend the district / division meetings that are listed in the program? Absolutely!  District meetings are optional, but it’s where community is built.  Attending business meetings offer many advantages.  One advantage is the input you will have in disciplinary issues and directions.  You will have the opportunity to elect leaders and discuss new direction in your research area.  District meetings offer both leadership and networking opportunities.  If you would like to become active in BEA, volunteering to serve your district can help you in the direction.  You will be able to meet other scholars and teachers who share your research interests and gain opportunities to worth with them.  Finally, these meetings offer you the chance to meet people on a social level. Please go to the interest division meetings! BEA is composed of seventeen interest divisions and each has a business meeting.  You will have input about the direction of the interest division, vote for group leadership and hear about new directions.  If you would like to become active in BEA, volunteering to serve your interest division can help you in that direction.  You will develop opportunities to work with them.  These meetings offer you the chance to network and expand your community.

Q. How should I organize my time at the convention?

  • With over 200 scheduled sessions and meetings (and that’s just for #BEAvegas), you have many choices.  Your first priority is to know when you are scheduled to present.  You should find out this scheduled time as soon as possible, as your trip planning may be scheduled around your presentation.
  • Review the events of all convention.  These are spotlighted or convention-wide programs that will appeal to a large cross-section of convention attendees.  These are great networking and educational opportunities.
  • Choose the presentations you would like to attend.  These choices can be based on topic of interest to you, friends or faculty who are presenting, or even presenters you would like to meet (a presentation provides a great opportunity to begin a conversation with them.  Many presenters will also have papers you might like to receive.
  •  Choose the district / division meetings you would like to attend.  Meetings are open for any BEA member to attend.  If you are interested in these meeting, you can become an active participant in these meetings, which is perfect way to experience BEA membership, as well as a valuable opportunity to meet people and create professional relationships.
  • Remember that Tuesday, April 21, 2020 Career Fair / Graduate School Showcase events and sessions are in the Las Vegas Westgate Hotel & Casino.  Plan accordingly if you would like to attend.
  • Don’t forget to save some time for fun!  BEA offers several social events as part of the overall convention experience. On each night we hold a reception of some type. Over 250 people typically attend the receptions, making it a good place to meet with friends and make new ones. Check the schedule for times and dates.
  • Have fun outside the convention as well!  Set aside some time to explore the conference location.  Many attractions, regional cuisine (you might want to schedule some time to eat), historical tours, shopping, and other events.