BEA Research Symposium
Call For Submissions

Race and Gender in Electronic Media:  Challenges and Opportunities

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Poster Competitions

All posters must adhere to the symposium theme—Race and Gender in Electronic Media:  Challenges and Opportunities. Poster submission must respond to the specific questions presented below, and may reflect a work in progress as long as the work will be ready to present on April 11.  

All Symposium poster submissions must be submitted online through BEA’s submission system by 11:59 pm (Eastern time) December 1, 2014. Please read the online submission instructions below, before you log in to your All Academic account.

Instructions to submit a POSTER…

1.  Log in to your All Academic account. BEA Members access All Academic with their regular BEA membership login and password.   If you forgot your BEA membership password, please click here to reset your password.

2.  Click on the link for “Submit or Edit a Paper or Panel Proposal” and then “Submit a New Paper or Panel Proposal.” Select “2015 Research Symposium: Race and Gender in Electronic Media:  Challenges and Opportunities.”

3. Select the appropriate option (Undergraduate or Graduate Student poster submission). Undergraduate student papers must be authored solely by undergraduates.

4. Type the title & abstract. Follow the guidelines to type in your title and abstract, then click continue.  Because you may submit a work in progress, your abstract may be written in the present or future tense.
5. Add authors, if necessary.

  • Use the “Add/search for authors by last name” function to add authors and indicate whether they are presenters or non-presenters.
  • If your co-author(s) aren’t BEA members or don’t have an account, have them create All Academic accounts before you begin the submission process.  It will be easier for you to search for them and link them to the paper if they have an account first.

6. Upload your “paper” per these instructions (and review title, abstract, and authors). The Research Symposium poster session does NOT require a full paper, nor does it require a 3000-word abstract. Instead, you will upload a “paper” containing the answers to the following questions. You are encouraged to copy these questions into a word document and present concise responses (approximately 250 words each, except for questions which are clearly answered more briefly). If your submission is accepted, you will be expected to create a poster and to participate in the poster session/reception on Saturday, April 11, 2015.


A. Which of the following categories is the best fit for your paper?

  • Media Content (focusing most closely on texts created by media organizations);
  • Media Audiences (including media usage, effects of media, audience interpretations of media content, and studies of user-generated content); or
  • Media Production (including studies of media organizations and the creation of content, as well as media activism, access, policy,  and regulation).

B. What is/are your research questions or hypotheses?

C. What literature are you using to inform your study?

D. Why is this study important?

E. How are you answering your research question or testing your hypotheses (i.e., what is your method)?

F. Have you completed this project (state yes or no)?

  • If yes, what are the main findings/conclusions of this research?
  • If no, how far along in the project are you, and when do you plan to have it completed?

G. Have you been working on this project under the guidance of a faculty mentor or sponsor? If so, please provide that person’s name and email address so we may acknowledge their participation. (Please double-check that information for accuracy.)

H. Is there any funding source for this project which you wish to acknowledge at this time?

7. Making changes after submission.  You can edit and/or re-submit “papers” up until the deadline.


For more information on the symposium contact Heather Birks, BEA Executive Director, at
or the 2015 Symposium Chair Rebecca Ann Lind, University of Illinois at Chicago,


About the BEA Research Symposium
Since its debut in 2008, the BEA Research Symposium has become a focal point of BEA’s research community and is held in conjunction with BEA’s annual convention each April. Past symposium chairs have included the most distinguished researchers in their field and have covered cutting-edge topics in the areas of media & the social self, sports, economics, media & morality,  technopolitics, race and gender, and entertainment. The success of the Symposium launched the Electronic Media Research book series, published by Routledge. In addition to a paper competition, the day-long symposium has a series of presentations and panels led by senior scholars.