Top Paper Competition Winners

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Curriculum, Assessment and Administration Division

Open Paper Competition
1st Place: Nick Taylor, University of Texas Pan American; Perceptions of Texas Broadcast Professionals Regarding How to Save Today’s Postsecondary Mass Communication Departments
2nd Place: Jamie S. Switzer, Colorado State University & Ralph Switzer, Colorado State University; Teaching Students to Create Content for Multiplatform Delivery: The Theory of Digital Citizenship

Gender & Sexuality Division

Debut Paper Competition
1st Place: Nicki Karimipour, University of Florida; Feeding the male gaze: Deconstructing the visual portrayals of hypersexualized women in Carl’s Jr. fast food advertisements from 2005 to 2015
2nd Place: Ryan Dunham, Ohio University; Media Use and Narcissistic Sexuality: How Sexually Explicit Media Influences Users’ Desire for Self-Satisfaction

Open Paper Competition
1st Place: Ginger Blackstone, University of Florida & Nicki Karimipour, University of Florida; Setting the Standard: Millennial Women’s Role Models in the Digital Media Age
2nd Place: Paul MacArthur, Utica College; James R. Angelini, University of Delaware; Andrew C.Billings, University of Alabama; Lauren Reichart Smith, Auburn University; The Thin Line Between Masculinity and Skate: Primetime Narratives of Male Figure Skaters on the CBC and NBC Primetime 2014 Winter Olympic Broadcasts

History Division

Debut Paper Competition
1st Place: LaDonna Aiken, University of Texas – Arlington; The Far East Network Okinawa: Impact and Influence of Broadcast Programming for the Military, 1945 – 1995
2nd Place: Mary Myers, Regent University; The Hoosier Schoolmaster of the Air

Open Paper Competition
1st Place: Noah Arceneaux, San Diego State University; The Many Sides of QUBE: Interactivity and the Evolution of Electronic Media, 1977 – 1983
2nd Place: George Chun Han Wang, University of Hawaii at Manoa; King Hu in Hollywood: Making “The Battle of Ono”

Interactive Media & Emerging Technologies Division

Debut Paper Competition
1st Place: Trisha T. C. Lin, Nanyang Technological University; Yonggang Wen, Nanyang Technological University & Yean Jean Thong, Nanyang Technological University; Understanding user experiences of a multiscreen social TV system: A mix-method study
2nd Place: Beom JunBae, Georgia Southern University & Yong JeongYi, Sungkyunkwan University; What Content Do Askers Want on Social Q & A?: User Preferences of Answers about STDs

Open Paper Competition
1st Place: Giselle Auger, Duquesne University & Charlie Gee, Duquesne University; Zeynep Tanes-Ehle, Duquesne University; Mostly credible and transparent: Audience perceptions of news stories produced with traditional and multiplatform newsgathering technologies
2nd Place: Xiaoqun Zhang, University of North Texas; Exploring the Patterns and Determinants of Global Mobile Divide

International Division

Debut Paper Competition
1st Place: Madeleine Liseblad, Arizona State University; The Post-Communist Television Broadcast System in the Czech Republic: A Historical Case Study of TV NOVA, Czech Media Laws and Legal Battles

Open Paper Competition
1st Place: Hun-Yul Lee, San Francisco State University; Production revelation, reality, and reality shows in Korea: Why and how production is revealed to enhance reality
2nd Place: Rasha Abdulla, American University in Cairo; Between State and Public Broadcasting: Egypt’s ERTU
3rd Place: Andrew M. Clark, University of Texas – Arlington & Thomas Christie, University of Texas – Arlington; The Relevance of International Broadcasting when Support for Democracy Declines: An Analysis of two ‘Arab Spring’ Countries

 Law & Policy Division

Debut Paper Competition
1st Place: Jill Bronfman, University of California Hastings College of the Law; I’m Ready for My Close-Up, Mr. Spielberg: Creating a Working Model for Data Security and Personal Privacy in the Use Case of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
2nd Place: Robert N. Spicer, Millersville University of PA; Conduct, affiliation, and messages: A typology of statutes addressing political deception

Open Paper Competition 1st Place: Clay Calvert, University of Florida; Charles D.Tobin, Holland & Knight law firm & Matthew Bunker, University of Alabama; Newsgathering Takes Flight: Legal Obstacles Facing Drone Use by Broadcast News Operations
2nd Place: Matthew Bunker, University of Alabama & Clay Calvert, University of Florida; “Defamation Live”: The Confusing Legal Landscape of Republication in Live Broadcasting

Management, Marketing & Programming Division

Debut Paper Competition
1st Place: Gregory J. Hoplamazian, Loyola University Maryland; The Effects of “Seeing Yourself” in Advertising: A Moderated Mediation Model of Cultural Cue Dynamics in Advertising
2nd Place: Max Murray Andrews, Oklahoma State University; A La Carte Cable Pricing and the Future of Local Broadcast Television

Open Paper Competition
1st Place: Todd Andrew Holmes, State University of New York at New Paltz; The Influence of Self-Brand Congruity and Ad Position on the Effectiveness of Online Video Advertising
2md Place: Tang Tang, University of Akron; Managing Old and New in Local Newsrooms: An Analysis of Multiplatform Local News Repertoires

Multicultural Studies Division

Debut Category
1st Place: Christopher Josey, University of Illinois; Travis L. Dixon, University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign; The Obama Effect: A Content Analysis of How News Coverage of America’s First African American Presidential Family Affects Coverage of African Americans in News
Open Category
1st Place: Mohammad Hatim Abuljadail, Bowling Green State University & King Abdulaziz University; Online Communities and its Role in Empowerment and Development Communication

News Division

Debut Paper Competition
1st Place: Jennifer Brannock Cox, Salisbury University; Well-known and Wide, Soft and Strange – Examining Students’ News Preferences on Twitter

Open Paper Competition
1st Place: Ginger Blackstone, University of Florida; Obamacare, Partisan Dissent, and the Threat of Default: Assessing Cable News Bias in the 2013 Government Shutdown
2nd Place: Desiree Hill, University of Central Oklahoma; Good B-roll for the Scissor Makers Museum

Production Aesthetics and Criticism Division

Debut Paper Competition
1st Place: Joseph Kraemer, Towson University; Abbas Kiarostami’s Poetics of Automobility
2nd Place: Michael C. Smith, Pepperdine University; Finding Athens in Hollywood: Production Programs as Liberal Education

Open Paper Competition 1st Place: Joe Fortunato, Arizona State University; California (No, India) is the Place You Ought to Be: Representations of Capitalist Ideology and The American Dream in “The Beverly Hillbillies” and “Outsourced”
2nd Place: Mark Lashley, La Salle University; Post-Television Culture and Spreadable Marketing: Marketing Initiatives for Three Streaming TV Entertainment Series

Radio & Audio Media Division

Debut Category
1st Place: Sonia Bovio, Arizona State University; NPR: The Business of the Story

Open Category
1st Place: Michael Brown, University of Wyoming; Askhat Yerkimbay, Suleyman Demirel University; Karlyga Myssayeva, Kazakh National University; Radio and the Development of Kazakh as a National Language

Research Division

Debut Paper Competition
1st Place: Andy J. King, Texas Tech University; Nick Carcioppolo, University of Miami; Courtney Scherr, Moffitt Cancer Center; Jakob D.Jensen, University of Utah; Theorizing Proximity and Velocity when Driving-Toward-a-Goal (DTAG): An Experimental Test of Goal-Oriented Visual Cues for Fundraising Appeals
2nd Place: Trisha T. C. Lin, Nanyang Technological University; Yi-hsuan Chiang, Shih Hsin University; Kai Khiun Liew, Nanyang Technological University; Yin Leng Theng, Nanyang Technological University; John Robert Razote Bautista, Nanyang Technological University; Winston Teo, Nanyang Technological University; How sociability and social presence influence viewers’ bridging social capital and program loyalty?

Open Paper Competition
1st Place: Allie Kosterich, Rutgers University & Philip Michael Napoli, Rutgers University; Measuring Fandom: Social TV Analytics and the Integration of Fandom into Television Audience Measurement
2nd Place: Tara Allard, University of Central Florida; Heidi Bolduc, University of Central Florida; Madison Dutkiewicz, University of Central Florida; Sandy Jean-Claude, University of Central Florida; Kyle Romberg, University of Central Florida; Will Kinnally, University of Central Florida; Becoming Friends with Television: Analyzing the Influence of Personality on Parasocial Interaction with Television Characters

Sports Division

Debut Paper Competition
1st Place: Kyle Miller, University of Iowa; East Coast expansion, Midwest history: How nostalgic Big Ten Network programming analyzes the evolution and traditional identity of the Big Ten Conference
2nd Place: Collin Berke, Texas Tech University, Travis Loof, Texas Tech University; Amber Krause, Texas Tech University; Like it, Tweet it, Identify with it: An Analysis of NCAA Division I FBS Athletic Websites

Open Paper Competition
1st Place: Tang Tang, University of Akron & Roger Cooper, Ohio University; #Socialympics: Predictors of Social Media Uses during the Olympics
2nd Place: Andrew C. Billings, University of Alabama, Brody Ruihley, University of Cincinnati; Yiyi Yang, University of Alabama; Fantasy Gaming on Steroids?: Contrasting Perceptions of Traditional and Daily Fantasy Sport Participants

Writing Division

Open Paper Competition Winners
1st Place: Evan Kropp, Reinhardt University; The Influence of Connected Viewing on a Television Writer’s Room
2nd Place: Donald L. Diefenbach, University of North Carolina Asheville; Mark D. West, University of North Carolina Asheville; Anne E. Slatton, University of North Carolina Asheville; Making Better Screenwriters: Do Writing Methods from Undergraduate Writing Courses Help or Hinder Screenwriting Instruction?

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