Congratulations to the 2022 On-Location Student Creative Winners!

Audio Competition

Best of Show: Emma Thurston & Gabriel Hinrichs, University of Nebraska; 93 Counties Sarpy County: The Life and Legacy of Allicyn Schuster

Awards of Excellence:
Brody Hamm, Mississippi State University; WMSV News Update With Brody Hamm 4/18/22

Brody Hamm, Mississippi State University; WMSV News Update With Brody Hamm 4/25/22

Anna Nobles, Mississippi State University; Women’s Athletics-Title IX celebrates 50 years

Aliaa Moatasem & Abou Ahmed, The American University in Cairo; Grandpa’s Gift

Nebraska Environmental Depth Reporting Team, University of Nebraska; State of Waste

Ramey Vachal, University of Nebraska; 93 Counties Hall County: Paul Noble’s trek

Documentary Competition

Best of Show:  Maleah Lifland, Keza Muvunyi & Miranda Salinas, Midwestern State University; In Their Shoes

Awards of Excellence:

Anna Rodman, Moria DeCraene, Luke Zobel & Isaac Bouw, Taylor University; Expat: More than a Tourist

 Jeromy Stacy, Gasmyne Cox, Alexis Martin & Randi Heaton, Midwestern State University; How We Heal

Cole Pielop, Syracuse University; Our Secret

Wendy Wang, Syracuse University; Maggie Olive’s Story

Film & Video Narrative Competition

Best of Show: Trevor Cebulskie, De’Ariss Hope & Andrew Neal, Taylor University; Fire Trajectories!

Awards of Excellence:
Jackson DiCarlo; Ben Anderson;  Sam Mackintosh-Smith; Ryan Champlin; Alec Wright; Jay Gleason; Kai Guilds; Nicholas Dohre, SUNY Fredonia; The Cryptid Cast vs. the Goopy Ganker

Collin Woolford, Evan Wardell, Ricardo Marble Jr, Jon Bomers & Brandon Smith, Taylor University; Paper Chasers

Darien Taylor, Trevor Cebulskie & Caleb Couvion, Taylor University; Can I get a Job?

Zachary Calhoun, Mississippi State University; The Squealing

Eric Makic, Syracuse University; Spring Time

Justin Jayne, University of Oklahoma; Cell Mates

Film & Video Music Videos Competition

Best of Show: Brenna Sawney & Sydney Nichols, University of Oklahoma; Our Last Night

Awards of Excellence:
Collin Woolford, Samuel Villegas, Brandon Smith, Evan Wardell & Jack Kersey, Taylor University; Flower

Brandon Green, Mississippi State University; Float

Flora Dedeaux, Mississippi State University; Girl Again

Film & Video Promo/PSA/Commercial

Best of Show:  Fate Furney, Chloe Morris & Ashley Spears, University of Oklahoma; Performance Arts Season in Review

Awards of Excellence:
Olivia Kienzle, Yuri Suh, Syracuse University; The Cycle Project

Manny Serrano, Syracuse University; Suicide Prevention PSA

Lynn Seah, Syracuse University; Regional Remix

Gaylord Hall Productions, University of Oklahoma; Scarlet Letter

Brantly Hightower, Jenna Rowell & Ayaan Zaida, University of Oklahoma; 2022 Commencement Video

Interactive Multimedia Competition

Awards of Excellence:
Gabrielle Willingham, University of Arkansas; #BlackatUARK Tour

The Entitled to Equality Staff, Syracuse University; Entitled To Equality

News Program Competition

Best of Show: OU Nightly Students and Staff, University of Oklahoma; OU Nightly 11.18.2021 – Julius Jones is Saved

Awards of Excellence:
Kayla Patterson, Hannah Koch, Dalton Arnette, Caroline Brickle, Neci Harris & Alexis Hildenbrandt, Furman University; Knightly News Show 7

News Story Competition

Best of Show: Casey Abashian and Aspen Flores, Colorado State University; American Robin Project

Awards of Excellence:
Tenny Kim & Naomi Hillmer, Colorado State University; My Empanadas

Samantha Demers & Megan Klane, Colorado State University; The Beekeeper

Anna Von Pechmann & Alexandra Brito-Amador, Colorado State University; Living Life to the Fullest

Samantha Demers & Megan Klane, Colorado State University; Painting for Preservation

Claire Roalson & Zeya Highley, Colorado State University; Mural Art

Photojournalism – Single Photo Competition

Awards of Excellence:
Hailey Trejo, Syracuse University; Drag Show Finals

Isaiah Vazquez, Syracuse University; Flying High

Photojournalism – Story Competition

Award of Excellence:
Gavin Liddell, Syracuse University; Grit & Glory

Sports Competition

Best of Show: Annika Boos, Syracuse University; @seantucker2020

Awards of Excellence:
Hayley Fedor, Syracuse University; FLJ: Rise to the Rafters

Zachary Katz, Brett Rood and Walker Simasek, Syracuse University; The Return of Otto’s Army

Walker Simasek, Syracuse University; Playing for Kelly

Hayley Fedor, Annika Boos, Syracuse University; Otto’s Origins

Annie Boos, Syracuse University; The Comeback Year: A rower’s triumph over loss