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Audio Competition

BEA’s Faculty and Student Audio Competitions of the Festival of Media Arts provide an opportunity for full time faculty and students at colleges and universities to showcase their audio production skills for Radio and/or websites from the past year

Student Audio Categories:
Air Personality
Comedy or Drama
Educational Program
Specialty Program

Faculty Audio Categories:
Long form
Short form
Radio Documentary

Documentary Competition

The Festival of Media Arts Documentary Competition showcases both long-form and short-form documentaries produced by faculty and students.  Entries to this competition will be reviewed by peers and professionals and winners will be showcased at BEA’s annual convention in Las Vegas. 

Student Documentary Categories:    
Short Form Video or Film Documentary
(under 20:00)   
Long Form Video or Film Documentary (20:00 and longer)

Faculty Documentary Categories:
Short Form Video or Film Documentary
(under 40:00)
Long Form Video or Film Documentary (40:00 and longer)

Interactive Multimedia Competition

The BEA Interactive Multimedia’s Festival of Media Arts Competition showcases interactive and cutting-edge creative projects from the past year.   Faculty and students are invited to participate and entries are reviewed by both peers and professionals. 

Student Interactive Multimedia Competition:
Authorship Project
(entries completed by an individual or small group - no more than three co-authors)  
Group Authorship Project (entries completed by a large group or class - more than three co-authors)

Faculty Interactive Multimedia Competition:
(Training, Course Websites, Learning Management Systems,                 Tutorials, Blogs, Podcasting, Websites)
(Websites, Portfolios, Interactive magazines, Institutional websites, Institutional informational programs), Educational Games)
Solo (Any interactive media project that must be completely created by one-person)
Emerging/Experimental/Mixed (Mobile applications, Tablet applications, Entertainment Gaming, Video games, Virtual reality, Interactive Flash applications)

News Competition

Student News Competition Categories
The BEA Student News Competition awards students for outstanding work as news anchors, reporters, weathercasters and bona fide student-produced newscasts.   Students are invited to participate and entries will be reviewed by professionals in the field of television news.  

Radio Feature Reporting
Radio Hard News Reporting
Radio Newscast
Television Feature Reporting
Television Hard News Reporting
Television News Anchor
Television Newscast (airing 3 days per week or less)
Television Newscast (airing 4 or 5 days per week)
Television Weathercaster

Faculty News Competition
BEA’s Faculty News Competition awards outstanding work to faculty produced television and radio news reporting.  All entries are peer reviewed and winners will be showcased at BEA’s Festival of Media Arts in Las Vegas .
Television: Hard News Reporting
Television: Feature News Reporting
Radio: Hard News Reporting
Radio: Feature News Reporting


The BEA Festival of Media Arts Scriptwriting Competition gives faculty and student scriptwriters the chance to have their work reviewed and recognized by professionals and peers.  In addition to recognition at an awards ceremony at the BEA Convention in Las Vegas in April, winners also have the opportunity to participate in a professional pitch session.
Student Categories:
Feature-length scripts
(90 to 120 pages)
Short scripts (10 to 30 pages)
Television spec scripts (half-hour or hour-long episode of an existing program)
Original television series pilots (half-hour or hour-long pilot episode)

Faculty Categories:
Feature-length scripts
Short subject scripts
Mobisode/webisode scripts

Sports Competition

Each year the Sports Division of BEA spotlights the best work of student and faculty sports journalists from across the country.  Radio and television anchors, reporters and producers showcase their creativity in this highly competitive competition. 
Student Sports Categories:
Radio Sports Story / Feature / News
(Weighted toward Anchor / Host performance)
Radio/TV Sports Event, Play-by-Play Talent
TV Sports Story / Feature / Show Element/Segment  or News Program
TV Sports Talent (Anchor / Host)
TV Sports Event Production

Faculty Sports Categories:

Short Form Sports Video Feature (30 seconds-10 minutes)
Long Form Sports Video Feature (11 minutes-30 minutes)
Sports Radio Feature

Video Competition

BEA’s Festival of Media Arts Faculty and Student Video Competitions provide an opportunity for full time faculty and students at colleges and universities to showcase their video production work from the past year in a wide range of categories. 
Student Video Categories:
(This category is intended for animated films, artistic/experimental films and entries that do not “fit” in any of the other student video categories. In addition to technical and narrative excellence, projects entered in this category are expected to “push the traditional envelope.”)
Instructional/Educational (This category is intended for entries where the primary goal is to instruct or educate the viewer.)
Music Video (This category is intended for original music videos produced for an individual or group who maintains ownership of the music and lyrics performed.)
Narrative Video (This category is intended for realism narratives -comedy, drama, etc.)
Promotional (PSA, commercial, persuasive, and longer promotional pieces such as “recruiting films” for athletic departments.)
Studio (multi-camera or live-to-tape - entries where the majority of editing was done live rather than in post.)

Faculty Video Categories:
Commercial or PSA Video
(Commercials are short spots produced to sell goods and services & PSAs are short spots produced to promote a charitable or nonprofit organization.)
Educational or Instructional Video (Longer pieces produced to teach historical, theoretical and research concepts, or a skill, technique or procedure to students and audiences.)
Mixed Video (Teacher/Student Co-Production) (This broad category deals with co-productions created between teachers and students, in which both parties are directly responsible or co-performing one of the writing, directing, or editing duties of the piece.)
Narrative Video (Dramatic videos, using a “short story” or feature-length format.)
Promotional Video (Videos produced to gain publicity or funding or raise awareness of educational and non-profit institutions, charities, or certain commercial entities.  For example, music videos can be entered in this category since they are created to promote the composer, musician, or musical act displayed.)

Student Two-Year/Small Colleges Competition

BEA’s Festival of Media Arts Two-Year/Small Colleges Competition accepts entries from students attending community colleges or small colleges that offer broadcast related majors - such as broadcasting, video production, mass media and communications. 
Two-Year/Small Colleges Categories:
Audio Production
Video/Broadcast Production


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