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Public Service Announcements

Welcome to a new initiative from the Broadcast Education Association.  PSAs play a critical role in our society. They can be the lifeblood of charitable organizations of all sizes and a wide range of missions.

We hope these resources can be utilized both in, and out of the classroom: “All About PSAs: Campaign Portfolios” provide links to actual broadcast PSAs, tools, and resources for current awareness campaigns. The campaigns presented in the portfolios below were chosen because of their relevance to the student populations at Colleges and Universities. These particular organizations encourage you to share, publicize and disseminate the assets related to their campaign via your own media outlets – get creative, get passionate about these causes.

We look forward to learning about your efforts related to these important issues!

  • Campus TV
  • Arena/sporting event media,
  • Campus Radio



This deck is sort of a self-contained presentation PSAs, with links to support the information.



A self-contained resource, perhaps for student media advisors to start/share campaigns.

NAB Spots Center

With over 150 PSA campaigns, the NAB Spots Center is your one stop shop for PSA’s.

NAB Congressional PSAs

NAB produced 30-second radio and TV PSAs, featuring a record 307 members of Congress and their family members from 49 states and three territories.