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On-Location Creative Competition


The On-Location Creative Competition is a limited version of the Festival of Media Arts. Entries are generally accepted in Audio, News, Interactive Multimedia, Documentary, Film & Video, and Sports categories. Works submitted to the Festival of Media Arts are not accepted in the On-Location Creative Competition unless they have been significantly altered. Works submitted to the Creative Competition are eligible for entry in the the Festival of Media Arts. Winning authors come from a wide variety of colleges and universities in the United States. In an effort to increase awards for quality work, while maintaining an acceptable acceptance rate that models that of lower-tiered academic peer-reviewed journals, the Creative Competition targets an acceptance rate of 30%.


2019 On-Location Creative Competition (University of Colorado Boulder)

Sixteen (16) faculty entries were accepted as award winners in the 2019 On-Location Creative Competition. The comprehensive percentage of all awards (Award of Excellence) across all competitions was 33%.  Acceptance rates for entries receiving our top award (Best of Show) came in at 12%.