Distinguished Education Service Award

Each year the Distinguished Education Service Award (DESA) is awarded to an individual who has made a significant and lasting contribution to the American system of electronic media education by virtue of a singular achievement or continuing service for or in behalf of electronic media education. Awards are presented at a ceremony during the BEA annual conference in Las Vegas each April.



2017 Joe Misiewicz, Ball State University
2016 Linda Bathgate, Routledge/Taylor & Francis
2015 Dr. Jannette L. Dates, Howard University
2014 Dr. Douglas A. Boyd, University of Kentucky
2013 Dr. Robert K. Avery, University of Utah
Dr. William Christ, Trinity University
Diana King, The Charles and Lucile King Foundation
Louisa Nielsen, Former BEA Executive Director
2009 Michael D. Murray, UM Board of Curators Professor, University of Missouri-St. Louis
2008 Donald G. Godfrey, Professor, Arizona State University
2007 Dan Rather, Dan Rather Reports, HD.Net
2006 Mike Donovan, Professor, Rowan University & King Foundation
2005 W. Lawrence Patrick, Media Broker, Broadcaster & Professor
2004 Herbert “Herb” Zettl, Emeritus Professor, San Francisco State University
2003 Joyce Tudryn, Broadcast Association Professional
2002 Norman J. Pattiz, Broadcaster
2001 Peter Orlik, Professor
2000 Herbert Howard, Professor
1999 Joe S. Foote, Professor
1998 Lawrence Lichty, Professor
1997 Lynne Shafer Gross, Professor
1996 Lewis Klein, Broadcaster
1995 Stanley Donner, Professor
Patricia Cranston, Professor
1993 Rebecca Hayden, Publishing Professional
1992 Christopher H. Sterling, Professor
1991 Stan McKenzie, Broadcaster
1990 John Michael Kittross, Professor
1989 Wally Dunlap and Clark Pollack, Broadcasters
1988 Bruce Linton, Professor
1987 Erwin Krasnow, Communications Attorney
1986 Ken Harwood, Professor
1985 Thomas Bolger, Broadcaster
1984 Vincent Wasilewski, Broadcaster
1983 Sydney Head, Professor
1982 Harold Niven, Broadcast Association Professional