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Celebrating a Hundred Years of Radio                                                               (PDF Copy of Call)
Call for Papers –   Journal of Radio & Audio Media
Symposium | Editor: Anne F. MacLennan

Deadline: March 1, 2020

To celebrate a hundred years of radio broadcasting, the Journal of Radio & Audio Media will be publishing a special symposium issue on the last century of radio.  The century has been marked by technological, social, cultural, political, and regulatory change. Internationally, radio has assumed commercial, public, local, and a mixture of frameworks. Terrestrial and digital radio now compete for listeners’ ears. Radio has been instrumental in the development of cultural identities across the globe, and it has functioned as a key mode of cultural representation.

It would be wonderful to receive manuscripts representing every decade, a variety of experiences or communities, technological change, and every decade.

·         Pre-Radio & the Emergence of Broadcasting ·         Indigenous Radio Community Radio
·         Broadcasting and the Music Industry ·         Radio in your car or in your hand
·         Growth of radio networks & radio programming ·         Radio and Revolution
·         Radio and Wartime Communications ·         Radio and/as Mass Culture
·         FM Broadcasting ·         Radio and/as Pedagogy
·         Activist Radio ·         Local and National Broadcasting
·         Broadcasting and technological change ·         Podcasts and digital formats
·         Cold War Defence and Intelligence ·         Radio and Cultural Representation
·         Satellite Radio ·         Protest and radio
·         Feminist radio ·         Community, diaspora, immigrant radio

The most inclusive interpretation of radio will allow for a wider celebration of radio for the last century. The topics above are merely suggestions, we welcome submissions that explore other aspects of the last century of radio. Publication for the November 2020; in case of large response a book/or double issue will be pursued.

Submissions for this symposium are due by March 1, 2020, expressions of interest prior to submission are appreciated but not required ( JRAM 100 in the subject line). Submitted manuscripts undergo a blind peer review. Manuscripts should be submitted through Manuscript Central link on https://www.beaweb.org/wp/?page_id=571 or https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/hjrs  Documents prepared in Microsoft Word are preferred and should APA for style and citation.  Manuscripts should not exceed 6500 words (about 25 pages) and should include an abstract of no more than 100 words. In addition to the manuscript  with no reference to the author(s), the author(s) should include a separate attachment with contact information. Please fill in the manuscript information as directed on the site.

For more information on the Journal of Radio & Audio Media, click here.

Please direct any questions in advance of your submission to the symposium editor: Anne F. MacLennan subject line JRAM 100. Please be patient and resend if you do not get a reply.