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Ten students from ten different campuses were awarded scholarships in the Broadcast Education Association’s 2019-2020 competition.  The winners were selected by the BEA Scholarship Committee at its November 17, 2018 meeting in Washington, D.C., announced Pete Orlik, committee chair.  They include:

Abe Voron Scholarships – Sponsored by the Abe Voron Committee

Riley Friesner, Goshen College

Zach St. Clair, Kansas State University

Rebecca Stambaugh, Western Illinois University

John Bayliss Award – Sponsored by the John Bayliss Foundation

Jackson Kizer, Ball State University

Vincent Wasilewski Scholarship – Sponsored by Patrick Communications, LLC

Othello Richards, Texas Technological University

Library of American Broadcasting Scholarships

Kelsey Bruce, University of Alabama

BEA Founders Scholarships – Sponsored by BEA

Jordan Good, Aims Community College

Amy Frye, Ball State University

Richard Eaton Foundation Scholarship – Sponsored by the Richard Eaton Foundation

Lucas Sigaud, Syracuse University

Peter B. Orlik Scholarship – Sponsored by BEA

Seena Greiwe, Ball State University

PILOT Media Technology and Innovation Scholarships – Sponsored by PILOT, An NAB Initiative

Rebecca Berth, Minnesota State University Moorhead

Kelsey Bruce, University of Alabama

Seena Greiwe, Ball State University

Fiona Jackline Kemigisa, New York University

Louvins Pierre, University of Connecticut

Mario Rios, New York University

Emily Rosato, Ithaca College

Tonia Vu, University of Texas at Arlington

Randy Woods, Florida State University