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Special Issue of the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media

Guest Editor: Homero Gil de Zúñiga

Editor: Zizi Papacharissi

Second screening is a set of communicative practices in which individuals watching television (or online television programming) use an additional electronic device or “screen” to access the Internet or social networking sites in order to obtain more information, express their opinions, or simply communicate with others about the program or event they are watching. These practices have emerged along with the diffusion and adoption of mobile electronic technologies, including laptops and smartphones. But empirical research about these practices is still in its nascent phase, and further study is needed to understand the effects of second screening on public sphere engagement, political participation, and other relevant democratic outcomes. This special issue will explore these effects of second screening.

We seek scholarship from a diverse array of theoretical and methodological perspectives that empirically examines the relationships between media, politics, and second screening. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Motivations for second screening about politics or public affairs
  • How second screening influences online and offline political participation, as well as public sphere engagement
  • How new technologies shape and influence political second screening practices
  • How news producers and journalists encourage second screening and engagement with media content
  • Exposure to political disagreement and/or political persuasion through second screening
  • How second screening relates to political learning and/or political knowledge
  • How second screening relates to other pro-social and/or pro-democratic behaviors
  • The personalization of politics, politicians, and/or political institutions through second screening interactions

This special issue will include a one month grace period of open-access; all articles will be available online-first before final issue print publication, which is currently anticipated on December, 2016. Manuscripts should conform to the guidelines of the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media. Full articles should be submitted no later than April 5th, 2016 at: (select “Special Issue: Second Screening” as a manuscript type). Additionally, authors should send full manuscripts with title page, abstract, and list of five potential reviewers to by April 5th, 2016.