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We want to highlight the talented BEA membership by showcasing 30-second sizzle spots (created by students) at BEA2015 in Las Vegas.  Send us a 30-second video that addresses one of the questions below and if we choose your spot to show at the convention, you’ll win a $50 gift card.

What is electronic media education?
What does the future of media look like?
Are you the future of the industry?
How do you utilize emerging technology?
What does your education mean to you?
How will you improve the electronic media landscape?
If you plan to be in Las Vegas, what does attending BEA2015/NAB Show mean to you?

Upload your video below by March 15, 2015.

Legal Permissions: The entrant agrees to clear all licenses, copyrights, and permissions to ensure that the submission can legally and ethically be presented at the BEA convention. If an entity other than the entrant owns the rights to all or part of the submitted program, the entrant must attach written consent from the owner or an authorized representative of the owner via email to