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Following are the results of the twenty-second annual BEA national salary survey conducted in Fall, 2014.  Respondents encompassed all types of institutions ranging from small, private, 4-year liberal arts colleges to major public universities offering the doctorate in the field.


Please note the following:


  1. All salaries are base salaries — they do not reflect fringe benefits.


  1. All have been adjusted to an academic year (9/10 mos.) basis.


  1. Only faculty teaching electronic media courses are included.


  1. The survey includes only full-time faculty — both temporary/fixed-term and tenure-track.



LOW          HIGH        MEDIAN   MEAN*           SCHOOLS


Instructor/Lecturer                    $29,553      $110,336    $42,250      $40,061                 31

Asst. Prof.                                 $44,050      $79,554      $54,300      $53,016                 35


Assoc. Prof.                               $49,500      $125,334    $72,491      $71,689                 26


Full Prof.                                   $60,666      $203,574    $88,075      $95,858                 24


*Average of means compiled by each respondent for each rank


Salary most likely to be paid to an incoming INSTRUCTOR/LECTURER without prior full-time teaching experience (mean of those responding):


$50,964   (31 schools responding)


Most likely salary for an incoming ASSISTANT PROFESSOR who has just completed the terminal degree (mean of those responding):


$52,137 (35 schools responding)



Data compiled and reported by Peter B. Orlik, Central Michigan University, under authority of the Broadcast Education Association Board of Directors.