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Album #1
(General, Plenary, Past Presidents)
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BEA Convention Panel 2004-2005 BEA Board of Directors 2005 DESA Recipient Larry Patrick Larry Patrick, Pete Orlik & Louisa Nielsen
Scholarship Chair, Pete Orlik Keynote Speakers: Chris Sterling & Kathleen Keefe Louisa Nielsen, Chris Sterling, Kathleen Keefe & Steve Anderson Distinguished Scholar Award Recipient, Bradley Greenberg & Pete Seel
Bradley Greenberg, Dee Greenberg, Alan Rubin Distinguished Scholar Award Recipient, Chris Sterling & Pete Seel Michael Keith, Chris Sterling, Ellen Sterling & Don Godfrey BEA Past Presidents
BEA Past Presidents Panel BEA Past Presidents Panel Tom Bolger, Steve Anderson & Larry Lichty Lynne Gross & Larry Patrick
Larry Patrick & Ken Harwood Rod Rightmire, Louisa Nielsen & Bruce Linton Norm Medoff, Joe Foote & Suzanne Williams-Rautiola Stan McKenzie & Chris Sterling
Don Kirkley, Ray Carroll & Don Godfrey Robert Smith & Joe Foote Ray Carroll, Norm Medoff, Jannette Dates & Suzanne Williams-Rautiola