Apple is back presenting with their friends at We Make Movies, presenting 12 different workshops covering the whole gamut of the Apple mobile ecosystem.
From Filming to capturing Audio, Lighting to Post-Production, learn how mobile devices can help complete the project directly from your pocket.

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1. Mobile film making 101

What you need to know about filming on mobile devices. What are the benefits to using the device already in your pocket? What audio workflows and microphones are available for smart phones? What cases, gimbals and lenses are available for mobile devices?

2. Mobile film making 102

Apple will lead a hands on workshop focusing on iPads and/or iPhones to plan, film and edit a video for a complete mobile workflow. This session will include organizing, shooting, editing and utilizing third party products to complete the storytelling process.

3. Mobile audio 101

How to get better audio on your smart phone film projects. Use an extra iPhone as second source audio. Used wired and wireless options to record directly to the smart phone you are filming on.

4. Mobile filmmaking, Journalism and Storytelling with iOS
Please join Apple as they demonstrate and discuss the workflows of mobile filmmaking and journalism on iOS devices. During this session, you will experience Apple and third party products from inception to post production. The content will focus on visual storytelling from both a visual and audio perspective.

5. Collaborative workflows with Final Cut Pro X
Please join Apple as they discuss complex workflows for feature length film and broadcast production built around Final Cut Pro X. Learn about projects of all sizes, including major studio films that used Final Cut Pro X. Topics will cover shared storage solutions from LumaForge and cameras from iPhones to digital film cameras.

6. How Mobile filmmaking can change video literacy

7. We Make Movies: 27 movies, 34 kids, 2 weeks — A Case Study about iOS+FCPX Storytelling
Sam Mestman
From Jefferson City to Chicago to Duluth to New Mexico to Los Angeles and coming to a whole lot of other places around the world is We Make Movies’ Smartphone Studio. Real world battle tested strategies for success teaching kids (and adults) around the world how to scale up their skills as filmmakers using what’s in their pocket and a little extra gear. There is no more efficient way on the planet to teach video literacy storytelling.
What concrete lessons or skills will attendees take away from this session?

Putting an IOS filmmaking kit together

Overview of what’s possible with IOS workflow

Some iOS-FCPX best practices, numerous strategies on teaching kids (or anyone else for that matter) how to use FCPX quickly

Do’s and don’ts on building an educational program


8. Working Optimally with the “Camera in your Pocket” — Filmmaking Using iOS + FCPX
Saturday, November 9 | 11:45 am – 12:30 pm
Sam Mestman
With the new update to iPhone 11 Pro, the time is now for IOS filmmaking to take center stage. If you’ve been wanting a crash course around what’s possible, this is for you. Get a deep dive into Filmic Pro, Apogee Metarecorder, and a whole bunch of iPhone filmmaking gear to sink your teeth into, and learn how it all integrates into an optimized FCPX workflow.
What concrete lessons or skills will attendees take away from this session?

Best practices for Filmic Pro

Apogee Metarecorder

Integrating with FCPX

How to build your own Mobile Filmmaking kit

How to leverage this all into an FCPX workflow

9. A feature length documentary, shot on iPhone. John Woody talks about his film “A Year in the Pits.” 

10. Mobile to Mac

Start in iMovie on a mobile device, finish on a Mac in iMovie or Final Cut Pro X. For more advanced mobile editing, start with Lumafusion on iPad and FCPX XML to move the edit to a Mac for further finishing.

11. A case study in collaboration in High School. Lumaforge Jellyfish Mobile and Final Cut Pro X at the Los Angeles Unified School District. 

12. Building a next-gen EDU program across your district with FCPX, Mac, and IOS with Ross Kallen