BEA2019 Spotlight

Education & Industry: Mediating the Nexus

As educators, we draw findings from diverse streams of research to provide students with an understanding of the theoretical approaches to the analysis of media texts and, in turn, to inform their own production practice. In other words, we strive to teach students not just which production techniques work, but why they work. Be that as it may, Hollywood producers continue to be of the view that media production is self-taught and the role of educators is one of giving students the confidence and inspiration to succeed. Therefore, if we as educators are to serve as mere beacons of inspiration, what roles do our theoretical teachings serve in the professional practice of electronic media? Does the professional practice of media rely on instinct or on the acquisition of specialized skills and knowledge?

The BEA2019 Convention Spotlight, Education & Industry: Mediating the Nexus, explores the issues posed by these questions. Specifically, it aims to increase the dialogue between scholars and practitioners in order to aid the former to build new and expand existing industry relationships; to develop curricula in such a way that the insights gained from theory feed into practice, and vice versa; and to identify research gaps and foster collaborative research projects with industry partners.