Television Academy Foundation Coffee With…David Mandel
Tuesday April 25th |10:30 am – 11:45 am

David Mandel is the Emmy Award-winning show runner and Executive Producer of Veep (Seasons 5 and 6). He also wrote for such shows as Saturday Night Live (92-95), Seinfeld where he wrote the “The Bizarro Jerry” (aka “Man-Hands”) and “The Betrayal” (the “backwards” episode with Peter Mehlman), Curb Your Enthusiasm, and even an episode of The Simpsons (“Treehouse of Horror XXIII” with Brian Kelley). He is the cowriter of Eurotrip and The Dictator and if you press him on it The Cat in the Hat. In 1997, he won the Writers Guild Award for Seinfeld’s “The Pool Guy.” His directing credits include Veep (Emmy nominated for “Kissing Your Sister”), Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Comedians and Eurotrip (uncredited). He is the co-author of “Star Wars Art: Ralph McQuarrie,” and an avid and collector of original comic book art and Star Wars memorabilia if you have any to sell.

Twitter: @davidhmandel | Instagram: @davidhmandel | Facebook: @davidmandel