Special Event @ BEA2017 — BEA Ignite!
Tuesday, April 25 | 12:15 pm – 1:30 pm | Pavilion 9

BEA Ignite shares the best enterprise ideas for the classroom. Presenters will have 5 minutes, and 20 slides, to share their top teaching tipping points. Following the traditional IGNITE format, attendees should come prepared to take home these passionate teaching ideas. The ELEVEN best IGNITE ideas have been peer reviewed, and are ready to make their presentations live during this BEA2017 session.
Moderator:  B. William Silcock, Cronkite School/Arizona State University
Creative Producer: Michael Bruce, University of Alabama
Event Producer: Ken Fischer, University of Oklahoma

Robyn Ledbetter, University of Arkansas; Let’s Converge and Collaborate: Bringing news/editorial and broadcast students together Two classes work together to cover news on multiple platforms.

Kevin Curran, University of Oklahoma; Fire: Start to finish Fire trucks race to a reported house fire. How will your crews respond? What will youpost? How will you know to step up your coverage?

Michael Huntsberger, Linfield College; Surfing as Pedagogy: The Mass Media Timeline Project Using Knight’s TimelineJS, students create an interactive timeline of persons, events, and occurrences in mass media history – and love it.

Jes Therkelsen, Cal State- Fresno; 100 Strangers Project


Will Hong, SUNY New Paltz; Using Storyblocks to Start the Conversation Storyblocks, dice with character and action icons instead of numbered pips, are a great tool to use in an icebreaker exercise in intro storytelling classes.  Fun, group-oriented, and pedagogically sound!

Leigh Wright, Murray State; “Never let them see you cry” Teaching student journalists the value of being a human first Journalists are always told ”Never let them see you cry.” Students in a capstone class examined mental health and learned the value of being a human before being a reporter. The lessons learned can help educators bring the human element to the newsroom.

Michael Friedman, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga; Teaching Students How To Write and Learn Additional Transferrable Skills In the Process


Julia E. Largent, Bowling Green State University; Cutthroat Classroom Student groups are given a topic and have 45 minutes to create a presentation. Auctions are included to aid/detract. Best presentation wins.

Mark Perry, Indiana Wesleyan University; Learning the ability to listen discriminately when doing sound production Given the complexity of sound, the following assignments centered on the 6 domains of sound will help your students to listen discriminately and be creative.

Chandra Clark, The University of Alabama; Using Thinglink and Infographics to Jazz Up Portfolios and News Stories


Judy B. Oskam, Texas State University; Connecting Industry & the Classroom:Faculty Development on Steroids


Brent Foster, Cal State Fullerton; Broadcast Armageddon: My Mom Just Posted a Youtube Video!

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