BEA2017 Digital Poster Presentations

April 22-24, 2017
Las Vegas Westgate Hotel & Casino | BEA Exhibit Hall, Pavilion 4-8

BEA produces the next generation of research presentations with this digital poster session. Special thanks to LG for providing BEA with the opportunity to take research presentations to the next level.  Please join us in the BEA2017 exhibit hall on Saturday, Sunday & Monday for the presentations.  Click on the listing below for additional information.

Graduate Student Research Presentations: Grand Plans & Great Expectations - Saturday, April 22

Join us for digital poster sessions at BEA2017 with theses or dissertations in progress.
Moderator: Greg Luft, Colorado State University

11:30 AM – 12:45 PM | PRESENTATIONS I
A Japanese Rationale for Freedom of the Press;
Jay Alabaster, Arizona State University
Adviser: Joseph Russomanno

Social Support and HIV in Rural America: The Role of Social Relations in Optimizing Care for People Living with HIV; Angela Anima-Korang, Southern Illinois University
Adviser: Aaron S. Veenstra

Journalism at Ground Zero: Imperial Wars, Precarious Media Labor and Local Bodies in Frontline Global News Production; Syed Irfan Ashraf, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Adviser: Jyotsna Kapur

Analyzing Predictors of Knowledge, Beliefs, and Public Engagement: Has Political Entertainment Become a Factor?; Kim Baker, University of Alabama
Adviser: Kimberly Bissell

Motivations of Fan Interaction: Appalachian Music and Facebook; Burr Beard, Toni Doman & Haley Kennedy, Ohio University
Adviser: Drew McDaniel

The Interactive Appalachia Initiative: Utilizing Digital Storytelling as an educational tool to recover and promote local history; Franklyn Charles & Camilo Perez-Quintero, Ohio University
Adviser: Arthur Cromwell

“Never Alone” as an Enactment of Resilience: A Concept Explication; Susan Clotfelter, Colorado State University
Adviser: Patrick Plaisance

Inside Groove: A Critical Analysis of NASCAR and IndyCar’s Standing within Sports Media; Torey Fox, Ball State University
Adviser: Tim Pollard

The Future of Ash: Creative Research Project; Kelly van Frankenhuyzen, Michigan State University
Adviser: Darcy Greene

The Image of Turkey in Egyptian Media: Content and Discourse Analysis of the Coverage in three Egyptian Newspapers; Mohamed Moustafa Gameel Ebada, The American University in Cairo
Adviser: Naila Hamdy

The Last Word on the Latest in Advertising: The Past, Present, and Future of Location-Based Advertising; Erin Garrett, Stephen F. Austin State University
Adviser: Linda Thorsen Bond

The Islamic State vs. Lone Wolves: A Framing analysis of American and International News; Ashley Gimbal, Arizona State University
Adviser: Bill Silcock

Spheres of Influence in the Digital Doman; Jamie Alexander Greig, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Adviser: Stuart N. Brotman

Does Social Media have an Effect on the Way College-Aged Women View Themselves?; Alexis Howell, Michigan State University
Adviser: Geri Zeldes

Spectrum Auctions: Could Signal the End for Over-the-Air Television;  Zachary R. Huffman, Central Michigan University
Adviser: Trey Stohlmam

A Life Worth Posting:Structural and Linguistic Choices in Life Narratives on Social Media; Michael Humphrey, Colorado State University
Adviser: Patrick Plaisance

Pinning for Leisure or Labor?: Unveiling Constructions of Wedding Planning via Pinterest; Emily Johnson, Colorado State University
Adviser: Joseph Champ Black Women’s Love-Hate Relationship with Online Dating; James H. Johnson, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Adviser: Aaron Veenstra

Documentary Fandom: A Look at how Documentary Fans Communicate on Twitter; Julia E. Largent, Bowling Green State University
Adviser: Thomas Mascaro

“Ain’t Afraid to Die”: Impact of the Japanese Metal Band Dir en grey on Their American Fans; Katherine (Lucy) March, University of Florida
Adviser: Kim Walsh-Childers

Secondary Schools and Technology: Policies, Acceptable Use, and Student Free Speech; Tara Jean Mesyn, Michigan State University
Adviser: Karl Gude

Cooperative Partnerships Between Early Radio Broadcasting Educators and Commercial Radio Stations: The Hoosier Schoolmaster of the Air; Mary E. Myers, Regent University
Adviser: Stephen D. Perry

RE-Framing Illness and Violence Through Digital Storytelling:A Social Semiotic Analysis of Pasolini en Medellin and the PD Narrative Project; Camilo Perez-Quintero, Ohio University
Adviser: Jenny Nelson

Children of Change:An Experiment in Producing Persuasive Climate Messaging; Erica Ramsey Pulley, San Francisco State University
Adviser: Nancy “Sami” Reist

A Content Analysis on the Internet News Media and the Growth of Human Trafficking; Jennifer Snow, Point Park University
Adviser: Heather Starr-Fielder

Disillusion and Divide: How Cable News Framed President Trump’s Immigration Strategy; Carin Tunney, Michigan State University
Adviser: Manuel Chavez

It’s Our Content Now: Fan Vidders’ Identification with Entertainment Media in Visual Storytelling; Kimberly Lynn Workman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Adviser: Debashis Aikat

Warcraft and Social Media Marketing; Zeyu Zhang, Ball State University
Adviser: Rob Brookey


Student Research-in-Progress Presentations - Sunday, April 23

Moderator: Thomas Baggerman, Point Park University

Carin Tunney, Michigan State University; 15 Months of Sleeping Watchdogs: A Qualitative Analysis of Online News Coverage during a Prolonged Environmental Disaster in Flint, Michigan

Kirstin Pellizzaro, Arizona State University; An Exploratory Case Study of Broadcast Journalists: Motivations Behind Self-Disclosing Content on Professional Social Networking Platforms

Franklyn Charles, Ohio University; Enhancing Reflective Learning in Media Production Curricula

Anthony Cepak, Michigan State University; Longitudinal Affects of Immigration Frames within a Geo-Ethnic Context

Nathan Cutietta, Heidelberg University; Narrative Elements in Video Games Realism’s influence on Perceived Realism, Enjoyment and Transportation

Kellie Stanfield, University of Missouri; Putting Theory to Practice: A Quasi-Experiment of Broadcast Journalism Education

Kyle Miller, University of Iowa; Redefining College Radio: Digital Technology and Organizational Change


Chris Bacon, University of Kansas; Sports Media and Higher Education: An Analysis of Curriculums and Industry Needs in Television

Carey Higgins-Dobney, Porland State University; Technology, Flexible Labor, Corporate Expectations, and the Local TV Newsroom Worker

Hailey Sweitzer, Ohio University; The Dramaturgical Self: Exploring the Experiences of LGBTQ Members on Social Media

Kelli Boling, University of South Carolina; True Crime Podcasting: Journalism, Justice or Entertainment?

Franklyn Charles, Ohio University; Utilizing Social Networking Sites & ICTs to Establish Identities and Maintain Connections Through Music

Kisun Kim, Bowling Green State University; Variations of Online Privacy and their Impact on Facebook Users’ Attitudes and Behavior


Faculty Research-in-Progress Presentations - Sunday, April 23

Moderator: Thomas Baggerman, Point Park University

Presentations: David Shabazz, Kentucky State University; An Exploration of Parasocial Relationships and the Celebrity Influence of LeBron James

Michael Lee, Ball State University & Karen Han, Ball State University; Believably Uncanny?: Bridging Uncanny Valley in Mediated Environment

Amanda Sturgill, Elon University & Charles Perschau, Elon University; Breaking News on Twitter: Is local News Different or Better?

William Allen, Florida Southern College; Changing the Lens of Frank Lloyd Wright Through 360 Technologies

Laura Crosswell, University of Nevada-Reno; Exploring a New Kind of Currency: A Transcultural Analysis of Public Health Commoditization

Laura Smith, University of South Carolina; Minority Millennials: News Engagement & Audience Fragmentation
Miles Romney, University of South Carolina & Rich Johnson, Creighton University; Narrative, Image, and Social Network Engagement

Mark Lashley, La Salle University; Podcasts as “Old Media?”: A Critical Examination of Comedy Podcasts in Popular Culture

Karen Han, Ball State University; Michael Lee, Ball State University & Wongun Goo, Indiana University East; Self-Referencing Effect and Immersion on Public Service Announcement (PSA) Advertising in Virtual Reality

Will Hong, SUNY-New Paltz; The Accidental Parodist: Donald J. Trump and Televisual Paradigms in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

Jennifer Hoewe, University of Alabama & Lindsey Sherrill, University of Alabama;

Watching Lead Female Characters in Political TV Shows: Connections to Political Engagement and Feminism

Fiona Chew, Syracuse University & Flora ChiFei Chen, Syracuse University; “You’re my n-word”: Hate and Empowerment in Social TV n-word Usage About TV Characters in a Popular TV Series


Scholar-to-Scholar Research Presentations - Monday, April 24

Moderator: Jennifer Meadows, California State University – Chico


Gender & Sexuality Division Presentations
Patrick Johnson, University of Colorado-Boulder; Coming Out Live: Therapy and Generativity via Candid Coming Out Videos on YouTube

Graeme Wilson, Bowling Green State University; The Shield As Template For Breaking Bad: A Comparative Analysis

History Division Presentations
Michelle Tabbanor, Regent University; Hold Your Liquor: NBC and Alcohol Advertising After Prohibition

Daniel Haygood, Elon University; WUNC-TV’s Broadvision: The Story of One of the Nation’s First Public Television Station’s Pioneering Venture into Sports Broadcasting

Interactive Media & Emerging Technologies Division Presentations
Seok Kang, University of Texas-San Antonio; Communicating Sustainable Urban Development in the ICT Era: The Relationship between Citizens’ Storytelling and Participation Intention

Xiaoqun Zhang, University of North Texas; Frugal Innovation and Digital Divide: Developing an Extended Model of Diffusion of Innovations

Documentary Division Presentations
Michael R. Ogden, Zayed University; Interactive & Transmedia Documentary: Constructed Realities or Documentary Fictions?

Julia Largent, Bowling Green State University; Parodies, Documentaries, and Illusion: An Exploration of Documentary Now! as Positive Parody

Kurt Lancaster, Northern Arizona University; What Video-Journalists Can Learn from Alfred Hitchcock’s Cardinal Rule of Filmmaking

Law & Policy Division Presentations
Laurie Thomas Lee, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Facial Recognition Privacy Law and the Case Against Facebook

Stuart N. Brotman, University of Tennessee-Knoxville & Jamie Alexander Greig, University of Tennessee-Knoxville; FCC Independence and Presidential Interference: A Case Study of the Open Internet Order

Ed Youngblood, Auburn University; Veterans Affairs Medical Center Website Compliance with Federal Accessibility Laws

Radio & Audio Media Division Presentations
Douglas Ferguson, College of Charleston & Clark Greer, Liberty University; Visualizing a Non-visual Medium Through Social Media: The Semiotics of Radio Station Posts on Instagram
International Division Presentations
Ruonan Zhang, Bowling Green State University & Chang Bi, Bowling Green State University; Effects of International Parasocial Relationships: Consumption of K-Pops and Interest in Korea

Andrew Clark, University of Texas-Arlington & Thomas Christie, University of Texas-Arlington; Programming and Policy Priorities: Changes in the Strategic Direction of the Broadcasting Board of Governors

Research Division Presentations
Kristi David, Regent University; Mary Myers, Regent University; Stephen Perry, Regent University; Valerie Gouse, Regent University & Celeste Stein, Tennessee State University; Examination of Insecure Attachment and Potential Parental Attachment to a Favorite Celebrity Through the Lens of Attachment Theory

Abdulsamad Sahly, Arizona State University & Will Kinnally, University of Central Florida; Examining Presence and Influence of Linguistic Characteristics in the Twitter Disclosure Surrounding the Women’s Right to Drive Movement in Saudi Arabia

Yiyi Yang, University of Alabama; Normative Experience or taboo? Understanding College Women’s Drinking in the Intersection of Religiosity, Drinking Norms, and Social Media

Gretchen Dworznik, Kent State University & Rekah Sharma, Kent State University; Rest in Posts: TV Journalists’ Facebook use Following the Roanoke Shootings

Catherine A. Luther, University of Tennessee-Knoxville & Xu Zhang, University of Tennessee-Knoxville; Sputnik News Coverage of the Snowden Case and Indicators of Russian Propaganda

Curriculum, Assessment & Administration Presentations
Jamie S. Switzer, Colorado State University & Ralph V. Switzer, Colorado State University; The Flipped Classroom: Preparing Students for Tomorrow’s Media Nick Taylor, University of Texas Pan American; Copyright: Avoiding Pitfalls and Debunking Common Student Myths, Advice From Copyright Librarians

Interactive Media & Emerging Technologies Presentation
Ryan Rogers, Marist College; The Motivational Pull of Video Game Feedback, Rules, and Social interaction: Another Self-determination Theory Approach

News Division Presentations
Ran Wei, University of South Carolina & Ven-hwei Lo, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Perceived Bias in News Coverage of the 2016 Televised Presidential Debates and Corrective Action on Social Media

Jin Yang, University of Memphis; Talking Points on Immigration in the 2016 Presidential Campaign: Compare U.S. TV’s Coverage of Donald Trump and Bernie Sander’s Positions

Sports Division Presentation
Ryan Rogers, Marist College, Keith Strudler, Marist College & David Baltaxe, Unanimous AI; Collective Intelligence and Busted Brackets: The Role of Expertise and Dedication in Selecting NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournaments Using Swarm Intelligence


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