Media Literacy Mini-Symposium
Submission Deadline: July 17

BEA continues to expand its research presence by sponsoring a Mini-Symposium at BEA On Location in Houston this coming October. The theme of the Mini-Symposium is media literacy, mirroring the topic of the national BEA Symposium in April 2019. Our goals for the Mini-Symposium include promoting the national Symposium and expanding research opportunities about media literacy at the regional level. We hope you will participate in the Mini-Symposium by submitting papers, panels and creative projects that examine and explore media literacy.

Submissions can be either theoretical (e.g., meta-analyses, studies that test current practices, commentary on current practices, and/or visionary essays about the future) or applied (e.g., media literacy best practices/assignments/assessments that have worked in classes and/or curricula) scholarship.

Creative submissions (e.g., audio and video projects; graphics and design; PSAs; information campaign visual materials; social media) will be assessed in the same ways academic papers and panels are typically judged, in terms of argument, coherence, significance, etc. All panels, research and creative submissions will be peer-reviewed.

The Mini-Symposium program will be a series of sessions based on submitted panels, papers and creative works. Deadline for submission is 12 midnight ECT on Tuesday, July 17, 2018.

Sample topics include:
– Definitions of Media Literacy
– Best Practices in Media Literacy Scholarship, Teaching, and Outreach
– Pedagogy and Classroom Practices (activities, sample syllabi, curricula, professor preparation)
– Community Training and Outreach
– Experiential Learning
– Social Responsibility and Content Creation (video and audio production, gaming, graphic design)
– Theories of Media Literacy
– History of Media Literacy Research
– Strategic Outcomes of Media Literacy Projects (student learning outcomes; programmatic outcomes; community-outreach outcomes, etc.)

Paper Submissions
Editing Abilities… You can edit and/or re-submit papers up until the deadline at 11:59 pm ET on July 17th.
Length & Style… Papers do not exceed 4,000 words excluding references, tables and appendices.
The paper competition is BLINDLY REVIEWED.  Do NOT include a cover page with author and contact information and remove ALL author information from internal pages. Judges need to blindly review your papers.  Papers must be written using APA Style.