(IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING TIME ZONES:  In the platform via “Sched” – home to BEA2021 On-Location – you can change the time zone to local time, change the “Timezone” indicated on the right side of the page.
What is BEA On-Location?
BEA On-Location is a condensed version of our spring convention. This year it’s virtual content created from accepted panels and presentations, workshops, traditional research, digital poster sessions and creative scholarship.
When does the conference take place? 
This virtual conference kicks off on Thursday, October 7 at 11:00 am ET with a welcome from BEA leadership and a look at the new member database, and BEA Connect (BEA’s new community platform), and wraps up at 4 pm on Tuesday, October 12. All virtual sessions will be recorded (unless we receive a request not to record) so they can be viewed on-demand. The content will continue to be available to all BEA On-Location attendees.
What is the registration fee to participate as a presenter or attendee?
Please visit https://www.beaweb.org/OL/reg-housing for details on the registration pricing.

Can I use these virtual On-Location sessions in my class?
YES!  Please feel free to share the sessions with any of your classes.

I am presenting a VIRTUAL session.  When will I have access to my presentation “room”? 
All speakers are directly linked to their session so they will have access to their session 10 minutes before the session begins. Simply click on the zoom link embedded in the session 10 minutes before the session starts to do AV checks and talk to your fellow panelists.  Each “room” will have a staff support that will help you check your presentation and do some quick sound checks.  They will stay in the room and help monitor the chat and make sure everyone is muted.
I am a  SPEAKER/PAPER PRESENTER.  How do I upload my paper or presentation? (FOR UPLOADS UNDER 50MB)
To upload your presentation to the schedule:
2. Click on your session (we have you linked as a speaker on the back end) or at the top of the program click on the “Manage & promote your session” link.
3. Click on Speaker Tools.
4. Upload your presentation.
NOTE: If your paper presentation is GREATER than 50MB – please click here to upload your presentation.

What should I do if I am presenting a Digital Poster Presentation or Research-in-Progress Digital Poster?

Most digital poster sessions will take place live in a “speed round” format with each presenter getting 5 or 6 minutes for their presentation. Please click here for instructions on creating your Digital Poster. Please follow the instructions above to upload your poster.
Can I pre-record my panel or paper presentation?
If you need to pre-record your session (or a panelist’s presentation) or your paper presentation – please click here to upload a session or paper presentation.

I registered for the on-site conference.  Do I get a refund for the conference if i don’t plan to attend virtually?

Yes.  We will email all registered attendees for information on getting a full refund.  If you plan to attend virtually, we will reimburse you for the on-site portion – and retain $50 to cover the cost of the virtual conference.

What are my options if I was presenting on-site?
You have three options if you were planning to present on-site,  Please fill in the form to let us know what you decide.
-You can pre-record your session.
-You can move the panel to the April 2022 convention in Las Vegas.
-You can change your session to virtual. 

What size file can I upload for #BEAOnLocation?
When you upload files to #BEAVegas, the file goes into Amazon’s servers and transcoders. As a quick answer to many of your file size questions, we would recommend a 2 GB or smaller file in a MP4 format (Also could beH.264 or WebM).  Please reach out to us if you have any questions at JD@beaweb.org

While there is no set limit on file size, we discovered the rate of an upload error rate increases dramatically above 2 GBs. Additionally, we recommend you try to keep your file size close to or below 1 GB to ensure a smooth viewing experience for the judges, as some file formats require full download of the entry before streaming begins. The larger your file, the more buffering that may take place for the audience of your event, please take this into deep consideration before you upload your file. 45-60 min files should easily be able to fit into our guidelines with the following recommendations – Vimeo Compression Recommendations.