College Profile
Austin Community College (ACC) is a public two-year institution that serves a diverse population of approximately 41,000 credit students each fall and spring semester. Our identity as a community college is reflected in our mission statement. We seek to ensure student success and community development by providing affordable access to higher education and workforce training, through traditional and distance learning modes, including appropriate applied baccalaureate degrees, in our service area.

As a community college committed to our mission, we seek to recruit and retain faculty and staff that:
Reflect the multicultural diversity of our community.
Value intellectual curiosity and innovative teaching.
Are attracted by the college mission to promote equitable access to educational opportunities.
Care about student success for all students regardless of race and collaborate on strategies to facilitate success for underrepresented populations.
Welcome diversity and model respectful interaction with others.
Engage with the community both within and outside of ACC.
Student Profile
Austin Community College District (ACC) is a[GR1] [GLS2]  Hispanic-Serving Institution. ACC’s designation as a Hispanic-Serving Institution reflects the commitment the college has to supporting our students’ educational goals as well as the economic and social well-being of the surrounding communities we serve.  ACC currently enrolls approximately 41,500 students each Fall semester, over half of whom are non-white. In fall 2019, ACC’s students were 42% White, 38% Latinx, 8% African-American, 6% Asian,