BACKGROUND: Ready to dig deep and show off your skills as an investigative reporter?  KSN is looking to add to our staff of Big-J Journalists with an investigator.  We’re in the Heartland – Wichita, Kansas.  Believe it or not, we’ve got great restaurants, concerts, and even a symphony.  It’s kinda Wichawesome!

DESCRIPTION: This reporter will be expected to find an investigative angle on daily coverage every day. These stories should go beyond the basics of general assignment reporting and storytelling to also: 1.) uncover/reveal a problem; 2.) hold those responsible for the problem accountable; and 3.) press for a solution to the problem. In addition to these daily reports, this reporter will also cover a specific investigative beat and will have the opportunity to work on larger, long-term investigations with three days a week on special assignment.

EXPERIENCE: Candidates must have a minimum of three years reporting experience, including strong investigative reporting. This is not an entry-level position. A bachelor’s degree in journalism or related field preferred.

REQUIREMENTS: Candidates must have a resume and online link showing investigative work. Candidates should know the basics of data analysis, public information requests and backgrounding. They should also be open to collaboration with an entire team of seasoned investigators, and they must have a track record of enterprising story ideas and developing key sources. Previous work must demonstrate compelling storytelling using dynamic live shots and stand-ups, creative graphics and use of digital and social media platforms. Additionally:
* Develop ideas for realistic, executable, timely and important investigations on a daily basis.
* Collect and analyze facts about newsworthy events by interview, investigation, or observation.
* Produce accurate, complete and compelling news copy on deadline.

ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: Excellent reading, writing, spelling, grammar and organizational skills. Promotes teamwork and maintains attitude of cooperation with all station personnel. Proficient at screening and logging video and providing written editing instructions to tape editors. Adept at ad-lib presentations, without aid of scripts and/or teleprompters. Possess exceptional research skills

Training/Equipment:  Operate newsroom computer systems.

Work Environment/Mental/Physical Requirements:  High stress environment with deadline pressures. Travel will be required on a regular basis. Position requires the transport of equipment weighing up to 60 lbs.  Position often requires work in extreme outdoor temperatures.

NOTE:  This job description contains the basic requirements for the position and is NOT intended to be a complete list of responsibilities; other duties may be assigned.


Apply online at  Enter “Investigative Reporter” in the search field.