Dear Foundation Friends,

Graduation ceremonies and celebrations are just around the corner for family members and friends. We, too, would like to recognize our graduating Bayliss Broadcasters as they look forward to receiving their diplomas and embarking on their radio broadcast careers.

The nine seniors graduating this spring are:

Kathryn Duval - Case Western Reserve University
Mark Long - Illinois State University
Kevin McCaul - Emerson College
Emmitt McGee III - Howard University
Kristen Mueller - San Francisco State University
Raymond Nelson - Central Michigan University
Alex Silverman - Syracuse University
Jess Walker - Texas Tech University
Mark Zito - Syracuse University

Alex Silverman has been the morning drive news anchor at Newsradio 570 WSYR in Syracuse while completing his academic studies. Upon graduation this May he will be moving cross country to Seattle, WA to begin work as a news anchor and reporter at 97.3 KIRO-FM. He couldn't be more excited to live his dream of working in the radio industry.

Jess Walker has been working full-time while studying to complete his undergraduate education. This year he served as Program/Music director and on-air talent for KJDL-FM in Lubbock, TX, overseeing a format switch to Alternative (Texas) Country. He reports that their sales are up 51% from this time last year. Jess plans to continue working for KJDL after graduation while he considers pursuing a law degree in High Technology. He feels that a legal education degree in this field will benefit his future in radio management.

Talented undergraduate students across the country submitted their Bayliss radio scholarship application packets last month. The next generation of earnest young people preparing for a career in the radio industry is seeking financial aid from the Bayliss Foundation. Will you step forward with your donation?

The need for renewed funding is ever present. We hope you will give, at any level, so that with your help we may continue to encourage and guide the men and women eager to become broadcast professionals. Your contributions do make a difference!

Steven Portnoy, a 2002 scholarship recipient from Syracuse University was recognized as the Bayliss Horizon Award recipient in 2005. This award is given to a past recipient who exemplifies the outstanding young talent represented in the radio industry. Today, you can hear his reports on ABC News radio.

Please make a generous 2010 contribution by visiting our website www.BaylissFoundation.org or calling our office at 831.655.5229.

With sincere thanks,

Gary Fries
Chairman, Bayliss Foundation Board of Directors
President, CEO/Retired, Radio Advertising Bureau

P.S. If you would like to see these students' resumes, please contact Kit Hunter Franke. Thanks, again!

For over two decades, the Bayliss Radio Scholarship program has awarded more than $1 million to deserving college and university students encouraging them to pursue careers in radio broadcasting.

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