Pacific Grove, CA - June 12, 2007 -- The John Bayliss Broadcast Foundation will launch the third summer of its successful radio-industry internship program this month. The internship program, which was started in 2005 by Board President Carl Butrum, matches outstanding college and university students who plan a career in radio broadcasting with a major radio company, allowing the student to work as a paid intern for the summer.

In the past two years, the Foundation, working closely with professors and deans at selected colleges and universities and radio corporations, has been able to offer more than 80 internships to students from 17 Bayliss Schools in key markets across the country, including Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Denver, Minneapolis, Miami, and Washington, DC. A Central Michigan University student intern working in Flint, MI, said of the internship program, "This internship confirmed my goal of a programming and radio management career." Another student, from the University of Miami, working in Miami, FL, said, "The Bayliss Intern Program has definitely kept my passion and interest in radio alive." A unique feature of this internship program is that the radio companies make a donation to the Bayliss Foundation in addition to paying the student. The funds go to support both the Bayliss scholarship and internship program.

Bayliss funds have been supplemented this year by a $10,000 grant from the Green Family Foundation, which honors broadcasting mogul Howard L. Green, former president and chairman of the Board of Directors of the New Jersey Broadcasters Association ."We are blessed that other Foundations recognize and support our work." said Bayliss Foundation president Carl Butrum. "Howard Green spent a lifetime in the broadcast business, and we are grateful that the Green Foundation Board joins us in supporting those young people pursuing a career in radio."

The summer internship program is just one of the Bayliss Foundation's efforts to encourage exceptional college and university communications students to choose radio as a career. The Foundation's scholarship program is in its 22nd year, and it has provided 308 students with more than a million dollars to fund their educations. The Bayliss Horizon Award, made every year at the Foundation's black tie fundraising dinner in New York City, recognizes one of the past scholarship award winners who has begun to make significant contributions in the radio industry.

For more information about the internship program or the Bayliss Foundation, go to www.BaylissFoundation.org or please call Carl Butrum at 212.424.6410.

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