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Pacific Grove, CA - September 13, 2004 -- Bayliss Foundation Board Chairman Gary Fries, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Radio Advertising Bureau, announced today that The John Bayliss Broadcast Foundation has established a comprehensive intern program that will begin summer 2005. Carl Butrum, President of the Bayliss Foundation and formerly Executive Vice President/Director of Sales for the Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation, has been developing this program since joining the Foundation last January.

"The successful Bayliss Radio Scholarship program pinpoints talented, experienced broadcasters on the college level - now our goal is to match these young professionals with progressive radio industry operations across this country. I came on-board committed to expanding the Bayliss Foundation's role in the radio industry and the intern program is the logical next step," stated Carl Butrum.

Since last spring, Butrum has met with university and college presidents, professors and broadcast industry leaders to assess their interest in the intern program. "There is no doubt that there is a need to blend these entities so that broadcast education learned in an academic environment can be positively applied to the commercial world in a creative manner," noted Butrum. "I am pleased to say that I've secured several commitments from large and small radio groups to take Bayliss interns under their wings next summer. I'll announce those partnerships in the near future," concluded Butrum.

Contact your corporate headquarters to determine if your radio group has signed up to participate in the Bayliss Intern Program. For more information about the Bayliss Intern Program contact Carl Butrum in New York City at 212.424.6410.

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