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AD Rates:

__ Full-Page Ad - $1,600 -- size: 4.5" W x 7.5" H, non-bleed/BW
__ Full-Page Ad with Table Purchase - $1250
__ Half-Page Ad - $900 -- size: 4.5" W x 3" H, non-bleed/BW
__ Half-page Ad with Table Purchase - $ 725
__ Inside Front Cover - $2500 - size: 5" W x 8" H, non-bleed/BW
__ Inside Back Cover - $2500 - size: 5" W x 8" H, non-bleed/BW


Artwork due by Friday, February 13, 2004.

All Ads:
  Create Artwork in Black & White.
  Laser printer generated ads are not acceptable.

Send to:
  The Bayliss Foundation
  171 17th Street, Pacific Grove, CA 93950
  Telephone: 831.655.5229
  Email: roast@baylissfoundation.org

Live Image Areas (non bleed, please):
  Full-page Size: 4.5" W by 7.5" H
  Half-page Size: 4.5" W by 3.0" H
  Cover Size: 5.0" W by 8.0" H

Create in Quark, Pagemaker, Illustrator or Freehand.
  Include fonts, images and live graphics.

For documents created in Illustrator or Freehand, save the
files out as eps files and convert all type to graphics.

Provide AD on a disk (MAC-disk preferred).
  Please INCLUDE a print out of the AD with the disk.

Or, for electronic transfer -
  Open internet browser.
  In address line type - ftp://bayliss:ads@spectrumimaging.com
  When site opens drag and drop your file into AD Uploads folder.
  If necessary, email ftp@si.com to receive further instructions via a PDF file.

If the AD is sent electronically -
  FAX a copy of the AD to Bayliss Fax # 831.655.5228.
  Please note on the fax when you sent the electronic file
  to Spectrum Imaging.

Any questions call the Bayliss Foundation at 831.655.5229. Thank you.

An Investment in Radio