Call for Abstracts: World Journalism Education Congress, July 3-5 2013, Mechelen, Belgium

The third World Journalism Education Congress will be held at the Lamot Congress and Heritage Center and the Lessius University College in Mechelen, Belgium between July 3 and 5, 2013. It follows the successful second congress held in Grahamstown, South Africa in July 2010. (For details see or

With the support of journalism education organizations worldwide,* the Congress is designed to provide a discussion forum on common issues and interests and a foundation for supporting the continuing development of journalism and journalism education worldwide. The WJEC is inviting academic paper abstracts related to the wider issue of journalism education for presentation as refereed research papers at the conference.

Abstract submission guidelines: WJEC invites interested presenters to electronically submit abstracts only (minimum 500 words; maximum 800 words) by December 1, 2012. The abstracts should give a clear sense of the scope of the research, research objectives and method of inquiry. If researchers have completed their projects by the submission deadline, paper abstracts should also include research results and conclusions/discussion.

Submission process:

Submitters should take note of the following:

•             Ensure that the document you upload does NOT include ANY information that identifies the author or his/her affiliation. Abstracts submitted with author identifiable information will automatically be removed from the pool of submissions and will not be considered for review and possible inclusion in the conference program;

•             Ensure that you add your name and affiliation in the description box. This enables us to keep track of individual authors and their abstracts;

•             Ensure that you include your email address in the designated area. This will be the address we use to communicate with you about your submission and where you will receive a confirmation if you have successfully submitted your abstract.

 Direct questions to the Paper Competition Chair, Elanie Steyn (